Individual and Relationship Counsellor

Relationships are so highly valued in our society and yet they are often difficult to manage.  That is because most of us don't have adequate tools or support systems to navigate our relationships when they become problematic.  

I offer a safe and neutral space for couples and partners to identify, discuss and problem-solve the issues that are preventing you from having the type of relationship you envision.

Issues that often disrupt relationships and that may be addressed in counselling are:
  • finances
  • parenting
  • health issues
  • extended family
  • work/life balance
  • sexuality
  • communication
  • infidelity
  • addiction
  • differences in life goals

LGBTQ couples and polyamorous partners are welcome

Ending Relationships Well

Relationship counselling does not always need to be about keeping the relationship intact.  Some partners discover that they require some assistance with separating in a healthy way.  Relationships aren't usually just about partners; there may be property, businesses, extended family, children, pets, and mutual friendships that are impacted and require management post-relationship.  If this is the situation you find yourself in, you already know that some form of healthy communication is going to be required to manage these things.  I will assist you with working through the emotional and logistical realities of the end of relationships so that all parties can leave the relationship in relative peace and/or continue to remain in contact in a healthy way post-relationship.


It is important to note that if there is physical, emotional, verbal, financial, or sexual abuse present in the relationship couple counselling is not an option.  It is important that there is a relative balance of power in the relationship for counselling to be effective.  I will see people who have been victimized or people who would like to change their abusive patterns but only as individuals.  Your safety is my priority.
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