Individual and Relationship Counsellor

Teens and Young Adults

I am energized by working with teens and young adults. If you are a young person you probably know that your voice is not heard or understood often enough by adults. I have the unique ability to make you feel comfortable and to help you figure out and explain your worries, fears, hopes and dreams.  I am then able to work with you to co-create solutions that work in your real lives.  

I have particular experience counselling and coaching teens and young adults in these areas:
  • dealing with peer relationships
  • coping with stress
  • bullying
  • self-esteem
  • anger management
  • abuse
  • dating, love, and sex
  • sexual identity and gender identity
  • coping with difficult family relationships
  • living with learning disabilities and/or physical disabilities
  • planning for the future

I believe that life is a continual learning opportunity and that when things are not going as we visioned we all have the option to make changes.  I will work with you to find personal solutions to gaining your desired outcomes. 

I provide counselling and coaching in these areas:
  • managing personal and professional stresses
  • reaching personal goals
  • creating work/life balance
  • fostering healthy relationships
  • dating, love, and sex
  • increasing effective communication skills
  • balancing health and wellness
  • coping with health issues
  • sexual identity and gender identity
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